This book is a simple guide for anyone who wants to learn about the Agile concept and the Scrum framework by: understanding the reasons behind various approaches instead of just going through do’s and don’ts and clichés, and understanding the diversity and range of ideas in this domain rather than just the latest fashion.

There are three types of content in this book:

Fundamental concepts: The first and the last chapters are about the meaning and dynamics of Agile projects. They build a solid foundation that helps you learn the details on the one hand, and on the other hand, find your own way in projects.

Frameworks: The Scrum chapter goes through all the details of this most popular framework because anyone involved in Agile projects these days needs to be familiar with it. Another necessity is Kanban, which is explored in its own chapter.

Practices: There are chapters about Crystal, eXtreme Programming, and DSDM®, which all use these methods to explore the most common Agile practices and techniques.

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